Is your Cloud backup the right backup solution?

Many users believe that they backup their data to good sites such as Dropbox or Microsoft One Drive, however is this best solution for your business?

Many business believe that copying their data to an external drive or to a cloud solution such as Dropbox etc. that their data is safe and secure.

This is true in case of a fire or a burglary, however what about corruption of data or malicious virus like Cryptowall 3.0., which encrypt all your data and demand payment for the key.

There has been an increase of such attacks of late.

Symantec Threat report 2014 states that there is an increase of 91% in targeted attacks through the email system.

Many organisation continue to embrace email solutions such as Office 365. These solutions only include basic antimalware security.

With the potential of an attack via Email Company data is more at risk.

You can replace a computer but you cannot replace your data.

A good Security solution would be to implement a backup solution that keep an incremental image that is backed up onsite as well as to an online or a secure cloud space.

In case of data corruption the backup image from a previous time line can be utilised and the impact to a business can be minimised.

Backup solutions such as Veeam Shadowprotect etc. can also backup the complete operating system along with all the programs installed.

This provides the security to a business that even in the instance of a complete breakdown of your computer system and or even in the case of a loss by theft. The data can be recovered back to the last 15 minutes.

Protection of the data is vital to a business as this cannot be replaced

Implement a proper backup strategy in your business which protects your valuable data in a secure manner.

You can find out more by contacting Casa Infotech Limited on 0800-000-975 to find out if such a solution can be implemented in your business and your business protected with the very best in Security and Backup processes


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