Medicare  for the Health Industry


Potential Current Situation


You may have backups where only the MT32 files are being backed up.

The disadvantage at the moment is that if there is a failure, Fire or Break-in, the entire system has to be reinstalled and the backup files downloaded.

Not only this all the agencies such as Healthlink, Procare, ADHB, Ministry, Medtech and every other department will have to be contacted to reinstall all the forms certificates etc.

This can cause a huge downtime and can take a very long time even a few days to come back to normal.

This I believe may not comply with Cornerstone.

Medtech Updates.

Medtech Updates require a complete backup and restore to be done by a Certified Medtech Engineer which is required to be done with every user off Medtech.

This process of backup and restore is now becoming a norm with Medtech.

There is probably one new update happening every month.


IT Issues:

Your staff has to come to you for any issues and you have to sacrifice time away from your practice to fix these issues.


IT Health Check

This may not be checked regularly and the potential attacks from the internet is not monitored regularly.

Cache files, incorrectly linked Temp files may slow the computer down and can cause errors.


We  suggest is the following...


We will resolve all your issues mentioned above by doing the following



Manage and monitor your backups so that an image copy is being made to our backup machine in your business and a copy of that image is stored offsite on our secure Servers in New Zealand.

So if there is an unfortunate event then we can restore your server and computer from the last 15 min to the last day depending on the source of restore.


Medtech and other IT Updates:

This is done regularly and we also manage all the MIMS updates. We will also act on your behalf to communicate with other Agencies such as Healthlink, PHO, ADHB etc. to make sure all the extra form and connection are installed and working properly.


IT Issues:

Unlimited advice and support via remote connection email and phone so as to fix the issues immediately and effectively.


IT Health Check:

Continuous monitoring of your IT systems and fix issues when they arise


In Addition, …

  • Unlimited advice and support via Remote connection, Email and phone.

  • Updates of Medtech and all other application such as MIMS etc.

  • Complete Monitoring and Management of all IT issues within your practice.

  • Server Monitoring and Management of all issues that may arise.

  • Backup Monitoring and Management to ensure that their data is always protected.

  • Network Monitoring and Management of routers and switches to ensure that network traffic is always moving.

  • Monitoring and management of workstations for any issues that may arise to ensure optimum performance.

  • Monitoring and management of firewalls, antivirus definitions and patch levels to ensure that the security solution is always updated.

  • Free Monitored Antivirus and Security software.

  • Monitoring and management of all applications within the network, Updates and Upgrade Coordinating with Individual agencies, Monitoring email availability, Outlook web access, SQL Database, and Terminal Services.

  • Apply a complete security management system to customers’ environment, including: anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware management, application licensing management, intrusion prevention, and security policy management

  • Basic automated maintenance and self-healing solutions applied to customers’ servers, workstations and network devices.

  • Patch management

  • Monthly Reporting to the Practice Manager


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