IT Audit – Free for Business

  • Do you want to know if you IT is ok and up-to-date.? Are you feeling uneasy about it?

  • Are you getting the best out of your IT infrastructure?

  • Do you need a second opinion about your IT infrastructure?

  • Are the backups working right? Can it be restored when you need it…?


If this is worrying,  what can you do next??

Give us a call on 0800-000-975  and we will come and visit and talk you through about what is not working right for you.


With your permission we will install a small Software on all your computers, the Software captures the current information of your system and gives us a clearer picture of what is in your infrastructure.


We report back to you about the bottlenecks in your system and the current health of the IT Infrastructure.


Once we have received this data we uninstall our Software from your system.


We then fix another appointment and give you the best option that you need to correct the issues and if required the timeline required and the budget.